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Must know important Laws in India (Part-1): Motor Vehicle Act-

Updated: Jan 9

Do you know? Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has issued notification on 15 October. From now till Mar 31, 2026, if you take any accident victim to the hospital within 1 hour, you will be given a cash reward of Rs. 5000. You will also be called a good Samaritan because because you helped the accident victim within the golden period of one hour. Helped the accident victim within golden period of one hour, which is concept of Good Samaritan, It was brought in Section 134A of the Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2019. Those who ae good Samaritans will be acknowledged by the police. Cash prize will be given by the Union Ministry and a certificate will also be given. And out of all the good Samaritans in a year, 10 will be selected for an additional prize of Rs. 1 Lakh.

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